The Application Form.

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The Application Form.

Post by Dawz on Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:34 am

Please answer every header to your full extent.

About You:
- How often do you play? Answer here.
- How old are you? Answer here.
- Where are you from? Answer here.
- Do you ever cheat/hack/mod etc? Answer here.
- Do you have a microphone? Answer here.
- Do you have Skype? Answer here.
- Do you have Mumble? Answer here.
- How can you help contribute? (relevant skills or talents besides SAMP) Answer here.

SA-MP Specific:
- How long have you been playing GTA multiplayer mods? Answer here.
- What is/are your favourite weapon(s)? Answer here.
- Favourite car(s)? Answer here.
- What are you best at? (Fighting, driving, flying, etc..) Answer here.
- Do you use any modifications? Answer here.
- Have you ever been in any other clans/gangs? If so, which ones? Answer here.


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